High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore

Days on which Embassy of Malaysia will be closed

renew Malaysian passport in Singapore


1. New Year’s Day1st January / Friday (M/S)
2. Federal Territory Day  1st February / Monday (M)
3. Chinese New Year     12th February / Friday (M/S)
13th February / Saturday (M/S)
4. Good Friday          2nd April / Friday (S)
5. Hari Raya Puasa       13th May / Thursday (M/S)
14th May / Friday (M)
6. Vesak Day        26th May / Wednesday (M&S)
7. Birthday of SPB Yang di-PertuanAgong    7th June / Monday (M)
8. Hari Raya Haji        20th July / Tuesday (M/S)
21st July / Wednesday (M)
9. Singapore National Day    9th August / Monday (S)
10. Awal Muharam    10th August / Tuesday (M)
11. Malaysia National Day      31st August / Tuesday (M)
12. Malaysia Day16th September / Thursday (M)
13. Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday        19th October / Tuesday (M)
14. Deepawali4th November / Thursday (M&S)
15. Christmas25th December / Saturday (M&S)
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