Instructions to Renew Malaysian Passport in Singapore

There have been many improvements in the protocol as a result of the present Covid situation. All of the most recent information is provided by readers who share their most recent experiences 

Thank you to my Malaysian colleagues who shared your stories. I’ve been there, and I completely understand your annoyance! Let us all work together to make it easier for everyone.

I sincerely hope this article is helpful to you or at the very least saves you some time.

Let me summarize a few tips that should assist Malaysians who wish to renew their passports in Singapore, especially during this Covid era.

How Can I Renew My Malaysian Passport in Singapore ?

  • Online applications are accepted (as of May 2021, walk-in at the High Commission is not allowed, only the applicants who have filled online application for Malaysia Passport Renewal and have an email asking them to collect the renewed Passport are permitted)
  • To schedule an appointment, send them an email.
  • They will give you a scheduled date and time to organize your renewed Malaysian Passport.

Step 1: Fill out an online application

To apply online, go to: click here

A common issue is that the photo could not be uploaded, and the payment page does not function.

ACCORDING TO MY FRIEND AND A FEW COMMENTS BELOW, TRY OTHER BROWSERS AS A SOLUTION! Safari works! So, if you’re having trouble uploading images or making payments, try using. 

If you still can’t, try using another browser,

If you were good, please let us know what browser you used in the contact form.

If you have any problems uploading photos or making payments online, take a screenshot of the error page and send it to them via email (see step 2). – Of course, before doing so, try other browsers; Safari seems to have worked for others.

Feedback in general

Problems of photographs and how to fix them:

Get a professional photo taken at a nearby photo booth and request a soft copy from them.

Payment problem:

Try using a different browser (Safari, google chrome, Samsung browsers work so far).

You are using the Malaysia Maybank Account (don’t have a Malaysian bank account? Enlist your Malaysian friends’ assistance).

If you continue to have problems, click on this link 

google form from Malaysian High Comm FB page) and fill in the necessary information. You should receive a response sooner.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment

Assuming you are the lucky one who gets phase 1 to function correctly, send an email to requesting an appointment. You must include your personal information and a screenshot of a receipt from an earlier online transaction.

Oh, and if you get an automated email telling you to go pick up your Passport on the same day or the next day, DO NOT TRUST THEM! (They aren’t very efficient.)

Email Title: Request for an appointment: Passport Renewal ()

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I’d like to request an appointment date to renew my Malaysian Passport.

My details:

  • Name: xxx
  • Malaysian IC: xxx
  • Old Passport Number: xx
  • Work permit/ PR/ number: xxx

< Attachment: a copy of your payment receipt online>

Best regards, Your Name xx

Step 3: Sit back and wait.

As of May 2021, it seems that High Comm will no longer allow email appointments.

If you successfully apply online at 

Click here to submit an online application,

You will obtain an appointment date to collect your Passport via email from within 14 days of your online application.

I successfully applied for a MyOnline Passport and got an email from with the subject ‘LULUS TEMPOH TAMBAHAN.’ Still, I have yet to obtain an appointment date for passport collection from Please queue from 2.30 – 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday, and bring the printed email you got from, as well as the document mentioned in the DOCUMENT TO BRING column, then go to counter one inside the building.”

Step 4: Appointment day

Congratulations on making it this far! What you’ll need to bring:

Every one of your papers

  • old passport, 
  • Appointment email printed,
  • Malaysian ID
  • ID to exchange pass at the gate (can be Passion Card, NTUC Card, driving license, etc.)
  • Singapore Work Permit/ PR, and so on
  • Payment receipt printed, and 

You must scan two QR codes when you arrive outside the entrance (1 for health declaration, 1 for Safe Entry). I saw some older adults who didn’t know how to use the QR code scanner; if this is the case, paper forms are available outside. You don’t need to fill out the paper forms if you’ve already scanned the QR Code!

Hey, Malaysians, please help each other; if you see an old uncle/auntie who seems confused, and you read my message, you know what to expect; at the very least, give the elderly some assistance in scanning the QR code in their phones/filling out the forms, etc. You never know how much your little action would mean to them!

How Do I reach Malaysia's High Commission?

301 Jervois Rd, Singapore 249077.

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 12 pm (Except Friday until 11.30 am).

How do you get there?

Take a TAXI (best option)

BUS routes 14, 65, 32, 139, and 970 (Alight at Valley Point Building bus stop) 450m, or a 5-minute stroll

MRT: The nearest MRT stations are Tiong Bahru (1.3km or 16 minutes walk) and Redhill (1.3km or 16 minutes walk) (1.4km or 18 minutes walk)

Drive: There is no nearby parking; if you really must drive, you can try to park at Loft @ Nathan Condominium (yes, this car park is for the public). 550m / 7 minutes walking time

Remember to keep your Singapore Re-entry Permit up to date.

So, if you have a Singapore work permit or PR, make sure to update your Singapore reentry permit online as soon as you get your new Passport. The connection is available here.

If you have another visa linked to the old Passport, such as a US visa, you only need to carry the old Passport while visiting the US.