Malaysian Passport Renewal - Common Questions

Malaysia Embassy Singapore
[Notice: The following are some of the Consular inquiries that the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore has received for your information and reference. Please keep in mind that the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore accepts applications only from residents of Singapore.

Q1. What is the cost of a Malaysian passport? What records must be submitted?

Please refer to our website’s section on Consular Matters:

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Q2. How long does it take for a passport application to be processed?

According to the Malaysian Immigration Department, processing a passport application at the Immigration Headquarters’ Counter Service takes less time. However, applications made via the Embassy will take at least three to five months to process.

Malaysia’s High Commission in London has agreed to handle applications from other European countries, and it will take approximately one month for the application to arrive in Helsinki.


Q3. I am the father of two daughters. May I include both children’s information in my MRP?

The Malaysian Passport System (new) does not permit the inclusion of a child’s or children’s information in their parents’ passports.


Q4. I’ve misplaced my MRP. What am I to do? Which documents and forms are I required to submit?

To begin, you must file a report with the nearest police station. Then, complete the passport application and Survey Forms, which can be collected from the Embassy, and the application will be forwarded to the Malaysian Immigration Headquarters for replacement. It takes about three months for the applicant to receive their new passport.


Q5. The Immigration Department told me that instant photographs taken at any photo source would not be accepted. Is this an accurate statement?

Indeed, it is. It is anticipated that the picture quality would fall short of the Department’s standards.


Q6: I have a Master’s degree in computer engineering and am looking for job opportunities in Malaysia. What are the application requirements and procedures?

First, you must obtain an employment offer to work in Malaysia, and your prospective employer should submit your application. You are only permitted to work in Malaysia if your application is accepted.


Q 7. I am a Finnish national married to a Malaysian national. I wish to work and live permanently in Malaysia with my mom. I’m attempting to determine if there is a provision for individuals in my case. If there is, what are the terms and conditions?

You can apply for employment through the Immigration Department’s ‘Spouse Program,’ established in 1998. This program is designed specifically for foreigners married to Malaysians and plan to permanently work and live in Malaysia. For more details, please visit the Malaysian Department of Immigration’s

Q8. I am Matti, a 42-year-old Finnish resident. I am interested in applying for the ‘Malaysia-My Second Home’ program. Am I qualified, and what are the application requirements?

Visit our website at and click on “Malaysia My Second Home Programme” or visit the Immigration Department’s official website and click on ‘Special Programmes.’ The following addresses and telephone numbers are provided:

High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore

Address: 301, Jervois Road Singapore 249077

Fax: 65-6733 6135

E-mail : (General Inquiry) / (Passport & Visa / Immigration matters) / (Birth cert/Renunciation/Notarial etc)

Working : Monday-Friday (08.00 a.m – 05.00 p.m)

Contact Details

65-6235 0111 (General Line)

65-6887 6256 / 6887 6243 (Immigration) 65-6887 6279 (Labour) | 6887 6231 / 6887 6230 (Consular)


Q9: a research institute currently employs me in Finland on a contract basis, and my employer wishes to extend my contract. However, my passport will expire at the end of June. Could you please tell me how much longer it takes to apply for a Machine Readable Passport? (MRP). How long is it likely to take? Would it be more expedient if I returned my passport to Malaysia and asked my family to renew/extend it Since I am on a work visa and have not yet applied for a Finnish Permanent Residence Permit, am I required to request a letter from my employer?

( I ) A new Machine Readable Passport (MRP) takes approximately three to five months to process and one month via MHC London.

( ii ) A proxy will not renew a passport on behalf of an applicant.

( iii ) A passport is renewed based on your current valid status in Finland, and therefore an employer’s letter is not needed.


Q10: My Finnish work permit is about to expire, and my Malaysian passport is about to expire on February 20, 2008. I’m needed to renew my Malaysian passport because the work permit cannot be extended beyond the validity of the access. My work permit will expire on March 31, 2007. How long does it take to process a passport, and how much does it cost?

( I ) Applicants for the older version of the passport can renew their application at the Embassy within ten working days for a one-year extension. The fee is just Euro 12.00. However, you are advised to apply for a five-year Machine Readable Passport (MRP).

( ii ) The Machine Readable Passport (MRP), i.e., the current microchip passport, may be obtained via the Embassy. The completed application will be forwarded to Malaysia’s Department of Immigration, and the process will take approximately three to five months. The fee is just Euro 60.00. [Note: It is recommended that all Malaysians renew their passports at least six months before their expiration date].


Q11. I have the OLD edition of my passport. I need a five-year extension to allow my Finnish work permit (which expires this month on March 31, 2007) to be extended for up to two years. My passport will expire next year, on February 20, 2008. I’ve heard that I can upgrade my OLD edition passport and easily convert it to the MRP when I return to Malaysia.

Our office processes annual renewals of non-machine readable passports (old version) in ten (10) business days. However, if you need a five-year Machine Readable Passport, you can apply an application to us, which we will forward to Kuala Lumpur. It will take 3 – 5 months for your passport to be returned. Additionally, you can do so personally by traveling to Malaysia before your visa expires.

Please submit all original and photocopied documents regarding the application requirements as stated on our website: