Details and purpose of Malaysian passport Renewal Online

Details and purpose of Malaysian passport Renewal Online

1. Objective


online*PASSPORT is an online passport renewal service for Malaysians.

Online applications may be paid for with a credit card or a direct debit (FPX). 

For payment, only FPX, i.e., Financial process exchange, which is Malaysia based payment exchange, can be used.


2. Specifications for Passport Photographs ( Malaysian Passport Renewal)

  • The background should be completely white and without shadows.
  • No photographs with colored backgrounds will be approved.
  • Applicants must wear dark clothing that covers their shoulders and chest.
  • Applicants who wear a scarf or hijab must wear dark colors and do not cover the face.
  • The photograph you’ve uploaded must have been taken in a professional photo studio. 
  • The softcopy that is uploaded must be in the format specified by the photo studio. No Polaroid photographs will be approved.

Applications that do not adhere to the standards outlined above will be placed on hold, resulting in a delay in issuance and selection.


3. Timing of Application

Applications received before 3 pm on a business day will be available for collection the next day. After 3.00 pm, applications will be available for collection after 10:00 am the next business day. These are regular timings; however, due to COVID – 19 restrictions, applicants are advised to collect their renewed Malaysian passports only after receiving an email from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.


4. Set of Passports

Applicants may choose to receive their renewed passports from one of the system’s Passport Recipient and Issuance Offices. The date and time for selection will be given based on the date and time the application was sent.


5. Terms and conditions

The Applicant must be over 13 and already possess an e-Passport (Passport with a microchip).

Applicants must submit complete and detailed details. If the application is refused due to false or misleading information, the Applicant can face proceedings under ” Section 12 (1) (c) of the Passport Act 1966. (Act 150)”.

Applicants must include a recent passport-sized photograph with their application as per the specifications explained above.

For Malaysian Passport renewal, you can make payment only through credit or debit card (FPX). The following fees apply:

Average Applicant (age 13–59): RM 200

Senior citizen (over the age of 60): RM100

If you do not collect in person or have the proper documents, your new Passport will not be issued.

Under-age applicants are permitted to apply electronically only with the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian (s). A parent or legal guardian should come along with the child to the Passport Recipient and Issuance Office for collection. A passport may not be given in the absence of a parent or legal guardian.

Applicants must pick up their new Passport in person and present the following documentation: their Identification Card (MyKad), their current Passport, and the payment receipt provided by the system. It is not permitted for a delegate to obtain your new Passport on your behalf.

The current Passport is in excellent condition (not defaced or water damaged).

A Malaysian citizen who has unlawfully exited the country cannot renew his or her Passport via the MyOnline Passport scheme.


6. Additional Requirements to renew Malaysian Passport in Singapore

If neither the Applicant nor his or her parent / legal guardian is present at the time of selection, the Passport will be refused.

Applicants under 18 must carry their birth certificate and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during passport collection at the Passport Recipient and Issuance Office.


7. Alerts and notifications

If the photo you’ve submitted does not meet the specified requirements, you can have a passport photo taken at the Passport Recipient and Issuance Office where you’ve chosen to pick up your Passport.

Fr any payment issues, please contact your bank for assistance, as they govern payment systems.

If you receive the following error message: “Kindly contact the Malaysian Immigration Department,” your online application can get rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • Your fingerprint file is corrupted or has been deleted. It would be best to have your fingerprints retaken to prevent delays at airport arrival/departure gates.
  • Your application does not meet the requirements outlined in my online Passport.
  • The information given is incorrect and contradicts the system’s data.


For additional details, click here , To visit the Malaysian Immigration Department’s Official Portal.